Recent news stories and opinion pieces about the Student Worker Alliance:

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“AU Adjunct Faculty Vote to Unionize”, ATV, February 26, 2012:

“Adjuncts Vote to Join SEIU Local 500 Union” by Paige Jones, The Eagle, February 21, 2012:

“High Parking Rates a Problem for Workers” by Ethan Miller and Katy Giguere, The Eagle, February 21, 2012:

“American University Adjunct Faculty Vote to Unionize” By Daniel de Vise, The Washington Post, Februrary 17, 2012:

“Adjuncts Vote to Unionize” By Paige Jones, The Eagle, February 16th, 2012:

“Students March for Adjunct Union” By Paige Jones, The Eagle, February 7th, 2012:

Student Worker Alliance Open Letter to the University Community, The Eagle, February 7th, 2012:

“AU Students Say: ‘What’s Disgusting? Union Busting! What’s Outrageous? Adjunct Wages!'”, By Ethan Miller, United Students Against Sweatshops, Februrary 3, 2012:

“A Student Perspective: AU Adjunct Union is Necessary” By Mitch Ellmauer, The Eagle, January 31, 2012:

“Students Advocate for Shuttle Driver’s Workplace Rights” by Nicole Glass, The Eagle, January 24, 2012:

“Students with Diverse Interests Unite in Occupy DC Movement” By Samantha Hogan, The Eagle, December 7, 2011:

“Senate Supports Tiered University Parking, More Outreach” By Zoe Crain, The Eagle, November 15, 2011:

“AU’s Parking Policies are Behind on Responsibility” By Ethan Miller, The Eagle, October 4th, 2011: