The Student Worker Alliance has a few main campaigns. While some may be more prominent than others during different times of the year, they are all campaigns we actively support on campus:

Real Food, Real Jobs: Solidarity with Bon Appetit Workers!

Our food services here at AU are provided by Bon Appetit, a food service company owned by the massive corporation Compass and sub-contracted by the university. They have been consistently cutting workers wages, hiring part-time and temp workers so that they do not have to provide benefits, and making it harder and harder for workers to do their jobs well in the time they are given. The workers, represented by UNITE-HERE local 23, are launching a citywide effort to raise standards for cafeteria workers and and pushing hard to not only provide good, sustainable food in TDR, but also have good, sustainable jobs.

Support Adjunct Professors!

Here at AU, our adjunct professors are unionizing in order to fight for their rights as respected professors. They earn as little as $2000 per three credit course they teach and have no job security. We are supporting their struggles on campus and are keeping the administration accountable. They have won their union and are now looking towards first contract negotiations and we are hoping to support them any way we can.

Justice For Janitors! Hold Aramark Accountable!

At AU, our janitorial services are contracted out to Aramark, a for-profit corporation that holds similar contracts at schools across the nation. Because of the bureaucratic systems in place, there is no way for the university administration to track the way that aramark staff are being treated. Aramark, as a for profit corporation, does not share the same values as us and we need to make sure that we keep their greed in check!

Parking Injustice! Progressive Rates Now!

A parking permit for full time staff at AU costs $1476 a year. For low-wage workers who make as low as $24,000 a year, those costs can be as much as 6% of a worker’s annual salary. The parking rates are the same for all full-time university staff and faculty, all the way up the chain to top administrators, who do not pay for parking at all. We think that there should be a progressive parking rate for low-wage workers where parking rates are tied to wages.

Shuttle Bus Solidarity!

Our shuttle bus drivers unionized with a lot of help from AU Solidarity (our predecessor) in 2007. Since then, they have faced continual abuse from the administration and the drivers who are involved heavily with the union have faced discrimination and harassment. We work in solidarity with them when specific issues arise.