VICTORY @ AU: Kevin Nelson Hired Back

This past friday, Kevin Nelson, who had been fired from the Bon Appetit staff at TDR for allegedly “stealing” food from the cafeteria, was hired back after widespread student support put Bon Appetit Management on the spot and forced them to be accountable to their unjust actions. Kevin had been fired after he had worked a shift without taking his lunch break, and after asking his supervisor, took food home with him when he left for the night.

Students filled the comment board with cards calling for Kevin to be re-hired, signed an online petition, called in to management offices in support of Kevin, and participated in a delegation, together with workers, to the regional manager of Bon Appetit demanding that Kevin be re-hired. Coverage of student action can be read in The Eagle

In the end, student and worker power claimed victory as Kevin was re-hired with full back pay for the time he was out. But as we celebrate this victory, we need to sustain our energy and continue the fight! Bon Appetit management is still cutting the hours of full time employees and not providing the resources necessary for workers to provide the best care for their families and for the students.