Students Stand with Kevin Nelson!

You may have noticed a change in TDR. Kevin Nelson, who often worked at the ice cream counter, has not been in lately.

Last week, Bon Appétit management fired Kevin for allegedly stealing food. Kevin had been working all day and didn’t take his lunch break. He asked his supervisor if he could take some food at the end of his shift and his supervisor said OK.  But when leaving work, management approached Kevin and searched his bag, finding the food that he had, and called it “stolen”.

Kevin is one of the most charismatic people many of us have met. His positive energy often is a bright spot on many people’s days. Kevin is a fighter. He has been speaking up against management for the many abuses they have been committing in TDR, the Eagle’s Nest, Tenley Café, the Tavern and MGC marketplace and has shared these grievances with students.

Over the past year, workers have been organizing in their union to fight against the cutbacks they have experienced at work. Many full time workers have seen their hours cut from what is supposed to be a 40-hour a week position to 30 to 35 hours. At the same time, they are expected to work harder as Bon Appétit makes “improvements” without consulting those who are affected most.


Bon Appétit has not been treating workers with respect and giving them the hours and training they need in order to produce the quality food. As students, we have an obligation to stand with the Bon Appétit workers as they struggle for respect on the job. We need to fight back alongside with Kevin and the workers who serve us every day. Until Kevin is hired again, and steps are taken to alleviate the situation facing all Bon Appétit workers, we will not be silent.