Real Food, Real Jobs: Support Bon Appetit Workers!

Join the Student Worker Alliance in the fight for a fair food system on campus.

Over the last few years, Bon Appetit, the company sub-contracted by the University to provide food services here at AU has made many improvements to the food and has made significant steps to make the food more sustainable environmentally. But there is one thing that Bon Appetit has forgot – the workers. With their hours cut from the 40 hours a week they are supposed to get, many workers are having a harder time feeding their families and making sure that the work that they do, feeding us, is done the best way possible. But the workers know that they don’t need to put up with the corporate greed perpetrated by Bon Appetit. They are rising up and fighting back, so that we can have real food and real jobs here on our campus!

Join SWA, Eco-sense, and a variety of other clubs in standing with our food service workers in solidarity. For more information, email email hidden; JavaScript is required