AU Students Say: “What’s Disgusting? Union Busting! What’s Outrageous? Adjunct Wages!”

Today, members of the Student Worker Alliance, together with Occupy AU and other campus groups, staged two flashmobs in the School of International Service building at 10:10 and in front of the Mary Graydon Center on the main quad at 1:00. After the 1:00 action, around 35 students marched to the provost’s office to deliver a letter and petition with over 250 signatures.

Adjuncts at American University are organizing into a union in order to protect their rights on campus. Right now, they earn as low as $2000 per three-credit course they teach, receive little to no benefits and are not treated respectfully. They have no offices and are not included in university governance structures.

However, the University has taken steps in order to stop the adjuncts from exercising their democratic rights and forming a union. They have spent hundreds of thousands of student tuition dollars to hire a notorious anti-union law firm and have been sending anti-union memoranda and flyers to adjuncts on campus and at their homes. While they claim that the faculty senate can be adapted to include the adjuncts, we know that the issues that adjuncts are facing can only be solved with a collective bargaining agreement between their union and the university.

Last Tuesday, students delivered a letter and copies of the student petition to every department head and the deans of the 5 schools. We want to send a strong message to the university that we are not okay with them using our tuition money to stifle the democratic right to organize and to continue to violate our professor’s human rights.








photos by Katie Figenbaum